Advanced Recycling Australasia

Advanced Recycling Australasia is a specialist recycler of mercury containing wastes. 

The Advanced Recycling Australasia plant is made for processing large amounts of discarded fluorescent tubes, HID lamps and globes of all shapes and sizes very carefully, practically and in accordance with the strictest environmental regulations.

Of couse, all forms of mercury containing lighting products are handled here at all our depots in every state and territory of our nation Australia.

We at Advanced Recycling Australasia also handle and process amalgam fines that are collected in ISO 11143 approved separators before going to sewer along with spent capsuless and in-line filter waste. Our separators are capable of removing upto 99.5% of waste amalgam. 

Spent catalysts from power plants or refineries in Advanced Recycling Australasia, mercury containing ores from mining industry and various wastes contaminated with mercury are all processed in our state of the art processing facilities.

Our plant meets all requirements of current Australian EPA environmental directives.

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