Alex Fraser Recycling

Alex Fraser Environmental Services is an Australian owned green project management and contracting company. We are supported by a highly qualified multi-disciplinary team of managers, operators and service providers.  

We are known as a competitive, flexible eco organisation who never fails to apply the world best practices to environmental and sustainabilty issues in property management and development. 

Alex Fraser Environmental Services has a good reputation for a innovation and eco business solutions to issues such as environmental options and risks, contamination, clean-up and regulatory compliance.

We have numerous proven experience in the provision of environmental remediation and project management for residential, commercial and industrial properties in both the private and public sector.  

Alex Fraser Environmental Services focuses on both professional advice and practical implementation to ensure all issues of concern in relation to the natural environment are properly addressed. 

The solutions and services we provide are but not limited to:

waste management;

• implementation of remedial works;

• regulatory compliance;

liability and risk management;

Project Management;

• Liaison with consultants and other parties involved;

• Planning and organisation;

• Preparation of site/construction environmental management plans;

• Liaison with environmental auditors and EPA;

• Innovative solutions to environmental issues.

Alex Fraser Remediation Services our knowledge and skills is able to clearly assess your risk and exposure and then assist with both professional environmental advice and practical assistance.  

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