Arrow Scientific

Arrow Scientific provides testing laboratories with complete systems for testing of bacteria as well as allergens (gluten, peanut, etc), mycotoxins, antibiotics, anabolics and other chemical contaminants.

Arrow Scientific’ product portfolio also includes a broad selection of distribution products. Brands of world renown in product monitoring, like Petrifilm from 3M are available through us. 

Arrow Scientific also possesses unique expertise in the quality monitoring of milk, wine and other beverages, including a wide range of tests for acids and sugars.

Arrow Scientific now has a range of tests for water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins. 

Arrow Scientific also offers a range of physical tests such a texture analysis, viscosity, powder flow, non-destructive oxygen content, packaging integrity and water activity. 

For temperature and humidity, Arrow Scientific has meters and data loggers. 

Our software includes sensory panel data acquisition and analysis, multivariate chemometrics, Design of Experiments and HACCP planning and data collection.

Finally, we offer a range of laboratory scale equipment suited to most Product Development budgets and needs.

We trust that at Arrow, we can provide your company with the HACCP monitoring tools you need.

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