Bio -Tech Waste Management

Bio-Tech Waste Management (BTWM) provides a unique, low-cost solution to the wastewater treatment problems of many local communities and rural industries.

The BTWM system uses duckweed, a small floating aquatic plant, to remove nitrogen, phosphorus and excess mineral nutrients from sewage effluent and other forms of wastewater. BTWM offers a complete technology package.

It supplies floating barriers, baffles and remote controlled harvesters. In addition, the company offers its clients the technical advice and assistance needed to ensure that each installation functions at maximum efficiency.

The effectiveness of BTWM's technology has been demonstrated at municipal sewage treatment works. BTWM has undertaken extensive trials at a piggery and a beef cattle feedlot.

Data from these sites has shown that wastewater treated by the BTWM system will meet NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) guidelines for continuous irrigation or discharge into river systems.

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