E-waste recycling is a modern solution that carefully recycles all old e-waste produce to stop dumping and the environment impacts related to it. Buyequip is a leading Australian e-waste recycling company, providing secure, safe, skilful and customer focused electronic waste recycling, electronic waste disposal and e-waste collection services that support all aspects of IT refresh and decommissioning projects. We help organisations satisfy their CSR commitments while maximising financial returns on old IT equipment, driving cost reductions in IT services. We also facilitate relationships between businesses, communities and households with old IT equipment with community organisations that recycle electronics.

Book your collection with Buyequip and become our corporate e-waste re-cycling client. Join us in diverting toxic waste from the landfills, satisfy your corporate social responsibility obligations and efficiently clear you storage spaces. Donate your local small-scale e-waste to any of our local community electronic and computer disposal.

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