Clearwater Technology

At Aquacell, we're committed to preserving water. 

Our eco friendly water recycling systems offer world-class technology, expertise and experience. It’s all part of our vision for a clean, green, water-filled future.

We build and operate water recycling plants around Australia for business, industry and government.

Aquacell systems are designed for both greywater or blackwater recycling. Once installed they can be remotely monitored 24 hours, seven days per week by expert Aquacell staff.

Aquacell’s focus is on non-potable (non-drinking) water for use in a variety of applications including surface irrigation, clothes washing and toilets. 

The modular nature of our water recycling plants means that they can be used in small scale commercial developments right up to large residential multi-dwelling developments. Aquacell’s system can be expanded as the development grows saving the government from constructing a large centralised plant before the first house is even built.

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