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At Clivus Multrum, we specialise in environmentally friendly waterless composting toilets.

Waterless composting toilets were first developed in Sweden over six decades ago and have been adopted widely in areas where sewerage services are not available.  

Their environmental benefits are now being increasingly recognised in Australia for both household and public use as water conservation and the environmental impact.

These toilets do not require any water or chemicals to treat or transport wastes. Hence, they save our water supplies and decrease any environmental impact.  

They use natural bacterial processes to break down wastes into hygienically safe compost that can be beneficially recycled into the soil.  

In a typical home this saves around one third of the in-house water use and also results in a much cleaner household effluent outflow.

Here at Clivus Multrum Australia, we have a large range of waterless toilets from budget models for the farm shed or weekender cabin through to attractive units for the modern family home.  

Our larger systems have also been adopted for many years in public amenities for locations as diverse as the Barrier Reef, Ayres Rock and Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain.

With over three decades of experience in Australia, Clivus Multrum provides specialist advice on a proven and reliable system suited to their customers’ particular needs. 

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