ECO Tile Factory

Eco Tile Factory is in a unique position in that embraces the past by continuing to be the market leader in heritage products and services while it also has a vision for the future of sustainability.

The company has a community conscience to strive to make a difference - locally and globally.

An enormous effort has been made to implement an environmental business plan throughout all its systems, products, packaging as well as greening the supply chain by involving factories which supply them.

 Our factories are carefully selected and asked to provide information on their own environmental policy and procedures.

We support local where possible. We are on a journey for a better environmental future and have addressed our own energy use, waste, water and transport. We have a dedicated Environmental Officer. We are currently developing a carbon neutral policy and action.

We reach out into the community and actively support a number of environmental projects and organisations. Major building projects include Adelaide Arcade, Raffles Hotel, a multi-level Food Centre in Singapore and a large sustainable building project in Western Australia. We continue to research for the best choice in tiles and bathware and better business procedures.

Products include:

1) Recycled glass tiles

2) Ecolabel Porcelain

3) Winckelman Heritage and good thermal properties

4) All Australian made water saving shower heads and taps -save water and energy with 7-7.5 litre per minute flow

5) Water saving toilets and bathware

6) Australian stone supporting an indigenous community -ask for our product Eco Rock in a Box, complete with reusable box

7) Eco designs by local artists

8) Eco Bamboo Flooring

ECO Tile Factory Products

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