Ecoezi was born from the idea of a shop assistant, who found that although many people were trying to do the right thing by using reusable shopping bags, they often forgot them, or when they did take them shopping, put them in the bottom of their trolley underneath all their shopping.

Convenience was the aim in their design. Not only convenience in the way they were transported, but also in the way they were stored.

This compact shopping system weighs less than 500 grams in total, is compact enough to fit into your glove box or hand bag, it is also light enough to hang with your keys. Strong, compact bags were also a major factor in the design.

To make the system workable the bags had to compact into a small area, but they also needed to contain strength. The top third of each bag is reinforced, and has a loop to fit onto checkout packing racks.

Each bag will safely hold approximately twelve kilograms, although tests have proven this to be a conservative figure.

The bags are completely machine washable, and quick drying. Governments around the world are moving to stamp out the plastic bag problem, but realistically for this to happen, there has to be a convenient alternative to the traditional plastic bag. Ecoezi offers the solution to this devastating problem.

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