Global Environment Management Australia

The Global Environment Management Australia (G.E.M.) is a joint venture between Motherson Sumi Systems Limited Mauritius Pte Ltd, (M.S.S.L.) a Sumi Motherson Group Company which is a focused, dynamic and progressive group providing customers with value added products, services and full system solutions, and ECompost Pty Ltd, a Melbourne, Australia-based specialist developer of ecologically sustainable initiatives, products and services.

G.E.M. was formed by the joint-venture partners to acquire, develop and commercialise the intellectual property and patents for the Aerobin Home and Garden Waste Containment System. G.E.M.’s mission is to provide environmentally sustainable products which contribute to improvements in the environment using synergies of the Sumi Motherson Group and ECompost.

The Aerobin is the first such environmental product that G.E.M. has launched onto the market. The Aerobin helps householders to divert organic kitchen and garden waste materials away from landfill, and allows the carbon content to be returned to the soil in the form of beneficial compost, instead of into the atmosphere as a by-product of anaerobic decomposition.

This is a global sustainability initiative where all householders can easily make a contribution, simply by owning and using an Aerobin.

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