Mt Lawley Wholefoods

Mount Lawley Whole Foods is one of the oldest established Organic Food retailers (ORGAA certified) established on Mt Lawley in 1995. 

We are proud to announce that all fruit and veg is supplied by certified organic and biodynamic growers. 

Our Growers are certified with either:

- NASSA - National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia.

- Demeter - Biodynamic Research Institute.

- BFA - Biological Farmers of Australia.

Our fruit and vegetables/green produce are delivered fresh twice a week. 

All our food is healthy and delicious because they are sourced only from suppliers who uses no nasty chemical sprays or artificial fertilisers and are certified organic. 

At Mount Lawley Whole Foods, all our eco produce are marked in store with the grower's name and their registration number and they have all been certified and registered by Demeter, BFA or NASSA. 

Don't forget to ask about our sample bag of healthy dried fruit and nuts!

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