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Sokerol Australasia Pty Ltd is the manufacturer and distributor of Sokerol Organic Oil & Chemical Absorbent products. Sokerol Organic Oil & Chemical Absorbent is a cellulose-based biodegradable absorbent with incredible absorbency and non-leaching properties. Sokerol has a natural preference for hydrocarbons (oleophilic) making it ideal fo use on land or water and in all weather conditions. 

Sokerol Australaisa Pty Ltd manufactures bags of Loose Sokerol Absorbent and a range of absorbent products including Land Booms, Pillows, Bilge SOKs, Marine Booms and Spill Kits. 

Sokerol passes the Australian Standard 4493.3-1997 for both hydrocarbons and cooking oil (vegetable). This means it meets the highest international standards for the retention of these liquids. 

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