Waste Connects Australia

WasteConnects is Australia’s #1 online waste solutions marketplace and educator for householders, business and waste service providers that make it easy for them to get quotes, manage waste, and reduce expenditure.
With over 75 years combined experience, WasteConnects is the team that knows waste and how to deliver a win-win solution for all stakeholders.
We’ve developed our vision over many years to provide a win-win solution for everyone. Our company is a member of WCRA and Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA).
The problem isn’t the lack of a desire to recycle more – it’s the lack of education we have when it comes to effective waste removal.
The average Australian struggles with effective waste reduction & recycling methods. They believe that sorting cardboard, paper, glass and plastic will be enough to make a dent in our ever-growing landfills. It’s a start, for sure as education and information will empower us all to make the right decisions.
And that's what WasteConnects is all about. Helping you easily "Do the right thing"!

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