Zappy Nappies

Welcome to Zappy Nappies Australia, an Australian owned and operated business based on the Sunshine Coast at Eumundi and available to buy direct from the website or order form and also from the famous ORIGINAL EUMUNDI MARKETS. Because we support Australian made goods our products are locally made. Zappy Nappy Australia has been making its unique design fitted clothe nappy/diaper system since 1991 and was the winner of the 1994 Sunshine Coast Economic Development Board Innovation Award.
Our ONE SIZE fitted nappy/diaper system here at Zappy Nappies is uniquely designed to fit from newborn size to toddler size adjusting along the Velcro fasteners.
Our Aim is to provide a choice for those needing to use a nappy/diaper system.
   SAVE MONEY as much as $3,500.00 over two years by using our fitted zappy nappy system rather than disposables.
   SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT by using a totally reusable nappy/diaper system.
   SAVE TIME by having a ready to use fitted nappy/diaper system. Without having to fold and pin.
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