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Jimmy’s Electrical and Solar has been in the electrical industry for more than 27 years. We have helped with numbers of electric installation and issues among residential, industrial and commercial. From 27 years working, we ensure that we have a professional team that is highly experienced and knowledgeable to make sure we give the best quality of our services. We are focusing in maximize customer’s expectations with a reasonable price, compare to the market rate. 

Our services are focusing on any electrical installations, including solar installation, LED lighting installations, batter storage for the solar system, etc. Moreover, we also provide any electrical repair and alteration. In addition, we also provide any electrical help, such as swith board upgrade, new house wiring, phone and data cabling, security and CCTV system, home automation, AC, TV reception or test and tagging. 

We are here if you need to consult any electricity problems or if you need to find the best solar energy system that suits your residential or businesses usage. You can start from your own home and businesses to save the environment, while saving money on your electricity bills!

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