We provide the best 'portable power' solutionary products to keep your mobile devices powered up. PET recycled plastic material is used to create the most comfortable and supportive Backpacks with built in SOLAR POWER.The most powerful UV AMBIENT technology that recharcges in Low light, under a table or even in the RAIN!
We have AWARD WINNING BIG Powerbanks with built in SOLAR TECHNOLOGIES that recharge your phone, 20 minutes in the SUN to give your 25 minutes of talk time. SMART CELL technology means that while your walking, sitting, riding, hiking, camping or on the move each day our SOLAR PANELS are sucking UV frequencies out of the air and storing into a powerful battery pack, waiting for you to need a mobile recharge, keeping you powered up through out the day and all through the night.
SOLAR BACKPACKS, Solar Tablet Cases, Solar Power Banks, Screen protectors that you hit screens with a hammer and they dont even crack.
We look forward to M-Powering you



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