Solar panels designed for Australian sun

We have been working with LJW Solar, a Sydney based Solar company who have been in the industry for over 25 years. In an Australian first, they've joined forces with an overseas manufacturer to design Solar PV panels that make the most of the Australian sun.

Australian first: Solar panels designed for the Australian sun:

LJW Solar, one of Australia’s most respected and oldest Solar PV companies has released a new high-quality solar panel, which promises to take full advantage of the Australian sun and maximise output.

Director of this established Solar Company, Luke Williams, who has been in the solar industry for over 25 years, explains that the majority of the systems currently available in Australia, which are all manufactured overseas, are simply not designed with the Australian customer or Australian conditions in mind.

Australia is blessed with 2,633 hours of sunlight per year with an average of 7.2 hours of sunlight per day*. The systems currently available do not reach a high out-put efficiency in our hot climate.

“On any given day in Sydney the temperature can reach 25 degrees very quickly and in the summer months this figure escalates drastically. A standard system will operate at approximately 70% efficiency, however on a similar day we would expect that our panels will be operating at well over 80%,” said Mr Williams.

Mr Williams was eager to provide his customers with a product that was suitable to the Australian climate and that was also of a significantly higher quality. He believes that the biggest difference between his company’s panels and other model is their temperature efficiency.

“Our solar panels offer a greater output in our warmer weather which means customers will make the most out of the Australian sun and can more effectively reduce their carbon footprint and their electricity bills.”

LJW Solar approached a boutique manufacturer in China in mid 2009. They made it a priority to align themselves with a company that was driven to produce excellent products and that understood need to design solar panels that specifically suited the Australian customer.

This solar company, who has been in the industry a quarter of a decade, kept a close eye on all manufacturing aspects. Their new panels exceed stringent Australian and International standards.

“We encourage customers to come into our office and see for themselves the difference between standard panels and our new product,” said Mr Williams.

 Launched in early 2010, Mr Williams and his team of solar experts have to date installed over 300 of their new solar panels and have received praise from customers who have chosen this trusted brand.

“We are proud of our new product and strongly believe that these panels are the best performing systems currently available on the market,” said Mr Williams.

Available exclusively from LJW Solar, these new panels are suitable for both grid and stand-alone connections.

*Information sourced from Climate and temperature information: Australia. 
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