The Force of Nature - Australia

The Force of Nature is about nature and our environment. We promote the outdoors with intelligent portable products as well as through our blogs. We look for interesting and high quality green technology including portable solar panels and thermo-electric generators like the BioLite camp stove.

We respect the force of nature, and the impact of natural disasters. The Force of Nature largely began as a personal project to find items for an emergency 72-hour survival kit. We think that everybody should have a 'go bag' but many people just don't know where to start.

The Force of Nature blog will get you going with reviews and recommendations.

We supply related products including survival equipment, camp gear, solar powered products, emergency generators, radios, water purifiers, shelters, LED lights, rechargeable batteries, solar chargers and other useful travel gear.

Be aware, be prepared, start your emergency kit today.

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