How Solar Systems Work

How Solar Systems Work

Here at Victorian Solar Solutions, we can help you understand just how a solar power system works.

A PV system is one that allows you to convert solar radiation to energy - a DC current. With that current an inverter will be used to convert the DC into AC so that it can be used by household appliances. 

The important thing to note is that PV systems all use the latest when it comes to high efficiency solar module technologies. This will help collect the sunlight much easier in order to convert and control the flow of electricity.

For many residential households across Australia, it is often that case what their solar system will produce much more than needed - as their system only works during the day. When this is the case, any excess electricity will flow into the electrical grid. This means that you will be essentially selling what you make back to the electrical companies so the rest of Australia can also benefit from clean, green energy.

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