Banhams Electrical

 We're Gladstones Trusted Local Dual Trade Electrician Delivers Expert Service On Time & Budget.
Electricity is something you don't give much thought to until you don't have it or there's a problem which needs to be inspected, replaced or repaired.
We're a locally owned and operated business committed to delivering the expert electrical repairs, installations, and testing you need to keep things running smoothly. Plus, we pass along our wholesale discounts as we understand that every home deserves total comfort that only electricity power can provide.
As a company that genuinely care we are happy to offer a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee to every electrical project we handle.
We arrive on time, all the time. Time is our best asset and resources, and we value it. We've earned our customers trust because we consistently begin and finish all project on time.
We go for quality over quantity, and we won't use or recommend electrical materials that we will not even use in our home. We're confident with all the materials we provide that we backed it up with a warranty.


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