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LED light calculator is an important tool to calculate the light usage and energy savings which is very much important in the modern age to maximum utilization of power. Even with the help of this energy calculator one can determine the perfect LED light selection as per their requirement and how much energy can be saved, which is a very much focused factor in the country like Australia where environment friendly lighting system have been given the first preference.

The technological invention must be viable, affordable and echo friendly. Lighting is one of the most essential requirements for human life and commercials but its production costing going high day by day using natural resources. Thus it’s our duty to save energy as possible. LED lighting in Australia has provided the best solution to the citizens here. LED light prices in Perth Australia are a onetime investment that is very affordable and reasonable in longer term for short duration daily usage or higher usage of electricity. CFL & fluorescent bulb/tube are better options than Halogen or incandescent bulbs but they are lower in output and still their emmitences are hazardous to the atmosphere.

Greenhouse lighting solution has several benefits as below
- Speedy initiation
- Very low energy consumption
- High output and long run efficient performance
- Safe, secure and reusable

How to use energy calculator for efficient selection of lighting solution from Greenhouse International:

1. Select the preferred country for cost calculation in country currency.
2. Select your existing light/bulb and check well that your tube/bulb displays the same WATTS energy usage as shown in the light calculator.
3. Select the number of bulbs you have in your premises.
4. Also enter the number of hours you are using the electricity.
5. Bulb costing and lifespan is a variable option for your existing lighting.
6. After this, it will display the great result comparison between your existing lighting, energy and costing comparison with LED lighting. One can also compare with variable available LED options to check this in a better way.
7. The performance is calculated as per the manufacturer's specifications.
8. Bulb costing is included in monthly and yearly costing. Greenhouse LED lights are offered with huge replacement cost savings which are not included and as per the observation it is found that LED lights continue to perform 5 to 30 years.
9. The above calculation excluded the electricity cost escalations and bulb exchange labour cost that will be an added advantage.

So just calculate your energy and money savings with Greenhouse LED Lighting solutions in Perth, Australia

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Greenhouse International is a Prominent LED lighting Solution provider in Perth, Australia providing low cost energy saving induction Hi-Bay Lights, Down Lights, Flood Lights and Spot Lights, Tubes & Bulbs for Home, Residential, Hotels, Offices, Commercial areas, Bars and clubs. For more information and best prices for LED lights call us at below mentioned address -

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