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Hollyhock HB Plus Batteries came into inception in 1988 as Hollyhock Trading, a distributor toy, the Teddy Tidy and related battery products. The transition to battery specialty enterprise was established due to the rising demand for portable power products. Our services include the design, manufacture, and distribution of batteries. The profound experience of 30 years has led the company to marks excellence in the industry. Hollyhock HB Plus Batteries deal in all types of batteries such as rechargeable batteries, aaa battery, car battery, vehicle battery, truck battery, car truck batteries, tractor battery, motorbike battery, golf cart batteries, mobility batteries, mobile phone power bank, smartphone charger, mobile charger cable and many more to list. Our team works effectively to provide quality service at economical costs. We are the primary supplier of bulk batteries for the TV, commercial, industrial, government, and health and retail sectors. Establishing business brick by brick and achieving milestones has led us to imprint our marks in all the states of Australia. For more info visit:

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