Erider All Electric Transportation

eRider All Electric Transportation sells 100% All Electric transportation we have highway speed Electric Scooters with a top speed of up to 95Kph with a 2year warranty. A licence and registration is required to ride these Electric Scooters and Electric Motorcycles. We also have 2 models of Electric Bicycles; all our e-bikes have 36Volt 10A lithium-Ion batteries and a licence and registration is Not required to ride these 250watt Electric Bicycles. We ship Australia wide.
Things to remember about our Electric Scooters and Electric Bicycles. No Licence to ride (250watt), Easy parking, Great for commuting, Economical to run (less that 20 cents per week), Low maintenance, Fun to Ride, Environmentally friendly transport, 100% Electric, Clean, safe, affordable and efficient, A green Innovative Product that reduces foreign oil dependency, reduces city pollution and congestion, plugs into a standard outlet.

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