CF Moto V5 250cc Second Hand Road Bikes for Sale Gold Coast

 Gold Coast Motorcycles sales second hand CF Moto V5 250cc scooter with Excellent Condition. It provides perfect mileage per kilometres on the clock, good tyres, good clean paints, head in perfect condition, and best head and backlight. You can test it before buying it. We have all the keys, fobs, and books and had the services completed. CF Moto V5 250cc design is different and the color of the bike is white.
           Gold Coast Motorcycles bestow scooters in a very good range at $ 1694. It has a 250cc engine and condition is very good. Headlight, backlight, Mirrors, Tyres Indicator everything is on better Condition. The main part of Bike is an engine and 2011 CF Moto V5 250cc engine is very good. Gold Coast Motorcycles is one of the Motorcycles Shops which provide Road Bike for Sale Gold Coast. If you want to purchase Second-Hand Bike please visit Gold Coast Motorcycles in Gold Coast If you want to know more about Gold Coast Motorcycles please contacts us: - +610755912449

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