Preferred Car Care - Brisbane

Preferred car detailing Brisbane specialize in environmentally friendly car cleaning. The Brisbane CBD is a hub for our professional environment conscience car detailers to perform acts of automotive car cleaning at your location. Our other services include cut and polish, upholstery shampoo, headlight restoration, paint correction, leather cleaning and care as well as pre sale detailing. Our extensive car detailing unit also covers Brisbane and South Brisbane customers. Car detailing is not just washing your car rather an art and passion for religiously gaining the best results every time to maintain that new car look. Eco friendly car detailing ensures high quality results while protecting the bigger picture not just the car. Car cleaning should always be done with some thought in mind of surroundings and making sure equipment is in top shape. Our car detailers use professional use products from Insta Finish USA and equipment from Kerrick and Makita.
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