Tesla was founded in 2003 and are masters in producing electric vehicles that are fast, healthier for the planet and fun to drive. We at Tesla believe that the earlier we stop relying on fossil fuels and move towards a zero emission future, the better it is for our environment. Apart from building sustainable vehicles, we also build green energy and storage products.

We specialise in making electric vehicles and manufacture battery energy storage as well as solar panels and solar roof tiles. We have 4 service sections across australia and showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne. All of our vehicles are produced in California and with safety being our utmost concern, all our vehicles and technology go through a massive range of testing before they are approved to enter the market.

We understand the global needs in terms of environment and our mission is to accelerate the world's transition towards sustainability by making people realise that people don't need to compromise to drive electric cars. At Tesla, we are continuously working to make electric vehicles better, faster and more enjoyable to drive that petrol vehicles.

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