Adel's Grove Camping Park

Adels Grove is located 200 km southwest of Burketown and 410 km northwest of Cloncurry. 

We are situated on Lawn Hill Creek and Adels Grove is adjacent to Lawn Hill National Park and 50kms from the World Heritage listed Riversleigh Fossil deposits.

Lawn Hill Gorge is characterised by deep permanent open fresh water, by a catalogue of unique Aussie fauna and flora.

The majority of the country surrounding Adel’s Grove is semi-arid Savannah during the 'dry' periods. However, it blooms to form a completely different landscape during the 'wet' season.

Forming a magnificent backdrop to the Grove and containing the famous Lawn Hill National Park is the Constance Range, a limestone capped sandstone escarpment which forms the eastern extremity of the Barkly Tablelands.

The ranges contain many ancient Aboriginal sites (not all accessible), an area of internationally significant Fossilisation, a gigantic Impact Structure (comet or asteroid crater), some Flora and Fauna unique to this area.

Adels Grove can provide photographers, bush walkers, botanists, ornithologists, entomologists, archaeologists, naturalists and those who merely wish to escape to the tranquillity which a true wilderness provides, all the scope with which they can cope.


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