Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park

At Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park you can visit the friendliest wild Aussie animals, with over 180 species roaming free and happy in the bush.

Why not come and visit our ancient Aboriginal sites and learn how to connect with the land?

Walkabout Park's rangers will introduce you to this wonderful experience, an experience that you can never get at a zoo.

The secrets of the Australian bush are often right in front of you, but knowing what to look for and where makes all the difference.

Our rangers' eyes know how to pick out the shape of a kangaroo standing statue-still amongst the gum trees, or a stick insect shivvering in the leaves, or a python coiled waiting for food to come within striking distance.

And our rangers are well versed in local Aboriginal history.  They will introduce you to the rich assets of the bush.  Learn about bush tucker and bush medicine, shelter making, tools, social structures and more.


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