Cooper Creek Wilderness

COOPER CREEK WILDERNESS gives ethical access to the most important portion of the Daintree Rainforest in the Cape Tribulation section of the World Heritage Area.  

The sacred places of the world are difficult to find and these amazing treasures are concealed by a timeless barrier of protection.

Cooper Creek Wilderness contains an awesome expression of diversity and perserverance.

Access to this refugium of Gondwanan forest, with its representative communities of fauna and flora and the accumulated knowledge of inhabitant guides.

Treks are on the rainforest floor, unspoiled by artificial structures. Inhabitant guides traverse discrete trails through a complex rainforest environment, part of an ancient landscape.

Access may be unsuitable for persons with limited mobility; wildlife behaviour and fauna sightings are unpredictable. Participants need to accept the risks and uncertainties associated with a genuine wilderness experience. 


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