160An auto air purifier

The 160AN Air Purifier is all metal construction & contains 3 lbs. of activated carbon mix for removal of chemicals, fumes, exhaust, gases; and controls particles with an optional HEPA rated at 0.1 micron efficiency. Unit comes equipped ready to plug into either the cigarette lighter or power point outlet in your vehicle. It has performed well in independent lab tests; and is used & recommended by allergists & environmental doctors nationwide.Designed for use by the chemically sensitive, but can be used by anyone that wants clean air. No-odor finishes used where needed, so you can be assured of clean air. Great product for use in your car, truck, bus, RV or any other type of enclosed vehicle. There is also an optional converter available , so you can use this unit in hotels when you are traveling.
Re-fillable or recyclable cartridges make the 160 Series air purifiers the perfect green choice when you want clean air with the least effect to the environment.

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