3000L Slimline Water Tanks

3000L Slimline Water Tanks

Tankmasta's revolutionary RIO Filtration System is just the starting point of installation flexibility and additional value of a Tankmasta tank.

The RIO system adds adaptability providing numerous inlet options. Firstly choose the option between the conventional basket filter and Tankmasta's low maintenance 'flow through barrel filter'. The flow through barrel filter is manufactured with a marine grade mesh, as the water flows through the filter clean water falls through into the tank while all remaining inviromental waste should be mixed with strom water.

The RIO is Reversible, and can be flexible to your downpipe configuration and in regards to the way whre the collection enters and exits the tank.

Using the 'flow through filter' as an overflow, Now Tankmasta tanks have the inlet capacity of 200mm. That's a first.

Preview the images below as an installation guide on the flexible options of the RIO Filtration System.

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