A Beautiful Floor : A guide to polished concrete flooring

This e-book shows how to create your own polished concrete floor that's energy efficient, very practical, built largely from sustainable products, and is above all beautiful. Written by Luke Potter, this e-book is Part II of the Budgeree House series and includes:

* A detailed journal of the planning, preparation and construction process;

* Detailed costings for every aspect of constructing a polished concrete floor;

* A gallery of photographs that depict every step of the journey; and

* A project plan containing all activities performed, their timing and dependencies (in Microsoft Project 2003 format) that you can use as the basis for planning the construction of your own polished concrete floor. Don't worry if you don't have Microsoft Project software, as we have provided a copy of this plan within th e-book itself.

If you are an owner builder or looking to build your own home, and are interested in sustainable, yet practical solutions, then this site holds a wealth of information for you. We have captured every detail of the process and we now have the opportunity to share these details with you. I must emphasise that very detail is included - every invoice we paid, every task we undertook, every piece of advice we received from contractors.

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