A.G. Coombs Group

A.G. Coombs Group

The A.G. Coombs Group highlighting HVAC, Refrigeration, automatic Services, Fire security and Multi-Services installations in Commercial and industrialized Buildings and the Construction Industry.

It does not make any change how big your project are A.G. Coombs give your building services -

From design construction and commissioning through to service, maintenance, technical opinion and support.

We have the 60 years experience in this field and have a great and valueable reputation for our quality and services . We stand at the front position of the industry with the skills and neccssary resources to take responsibility of challenging and demanding project.

We have list of successfully completed multi-millian dollar project which make sure that AG. Coombs is a most of the favoured contractor of the leading organisation . Many companies rely on A.G. Coombs for projects when we diliver project in time,suit to there budget and perform to requirement.

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