A Musical Tale

A Musical Tale

Centre for Ecological Economics & Water Policy Research's A Musical Tale is all about playing out a small set of stories in continually unreliable settings. Only the props of context and situation seem to differ. No doubt the ancients were so eager on finding the music of the spheres; the fundamental story pattern for everything else.

If you are not passionate about so called classical music you will have hard to Beethoven. This is the moment to celebrate because one of the Musical Establishment centre for Ecological Economics & water policy Research�s Musical Tele most most loaded overachievers:Herbert von karajan. Beethoven and Karajan join at the very origin of that popular tipping point of the classical music trip: the dawn of recorded music. Karajan�s interpretation of Beethoven�s cycle of nine symphonies was one of the first and at that time most popular, the most lauded, the most critically admired. As a conductor, his tastes, his proficiency and even his experience have contexted and shaped the sound that was recorded. So, as a conductor of grand empire building predilection, his renderings were appropriately grand, huge, thick, massive and dense. Statements of authority. Beethoven the huge. Beethoven the profound. Beethoven the incredible master of the musical universe. Nothing else would do.


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