Adult Diapers

Economic disposable adult diaper in bales
1.ISO9001 certified
2.Leakage protection
3.Soft and comfortable
4 .Fast deliver time
Product Characteristics

1.non-woven fabric(Top sheet):keeps dry and comfortable
2.soft tissue paper(Second layer),to fix the fluff well.
3.Super absorbent(Third layer),Condense all moisture instantly to keep dry and fresh.
4.soft tissue paper paper(Forth layer), to fix the fluff well.
5.PE film which is waterproof(Bottom layer), guarantees the clean lines of the bed.
6.Leakage proof: It is better prevent from flowing back.
7.Leg cuff:leg cuffs are stretchy to fit patients.
8.Adhesive tapes:Adjust the width of the diaper conveniently.
9.Wet indicator :Remind caregivers to change the diaper in time.
10.OEM is available


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