Affordable LED Lights

Affordable LED Lights

Here at Rivercity Solar and Electrical we have the economical and sustainable solution to managing your lighting and energy usage. The LED Lighting technology far exceeds the technology of the common halogen or fluorescent light. 

It is not only low in energy usage, but is also designed to last ten times longer the your average lighting. It is also made of completely safe materials - unlike the fluorescent lights which has been known to leak mercury into our environment.

Although the benefits of this LED technology has been known for some time - the main problem has always been the price. Here at Rivercity Solar and Electrical, we are not only proud to be a direct importer of this new technology, we are also happy to be able to make it affordable for all Australian homes and businesses. Here, we are able to offer LED lights at less than half that of the major Australian suppliers.

We can guarantee that all our products meets the strict Australian standards. They are also designed using the latest technology helping to reduce operational running costs.

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