Air - Consulting Services

Air - Consulting Services

Source Monitoring

We delievers a professional advice on all features of stack monitoring with the help our extensive air monitoring experience. EGC is able to make monitoring programs for the classification of discharge components, conduct compliance monitoring and report on stack monitoring outcomes. EGC can organise the installation of sample points to comply with Australian Standards needs.

Ambient Monitoring

Our services in the region of ambient air monitoring increased beyond the traditional range of compliance monitoring, contaminant sampling and plume dispersion modelling for the evaluation of public health effects. EGC can also start environmental noise and odour surveys to find the impacts of these forms of pollution.

National Pollutant Inventory Reporting

EGC have finished many National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) reports for huge Australian industry, mainly in the mining and refining sectors. estimate of yearly emissions are calculated using the specific NPI methodology and reported to the significant state or territory environment agency as needed.

Workplace Monitoring

Understanding the implications air quality has on your staff is as important as understanding the off-site environmental impacts. EGC provides inclusive services in the area of workplace air monitoring. We can design and conduct workplace and hazardous substance audits to classify areas needing development, carry out contaminant sampling programs estimate extraction and control equipment.

With our increasing air monitoring experience, EGC is capable of delivering expert advice on all aspect .


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