Ancient Cultures

We offer ancient cultures including kombucha & kefir.  

KEFIR:  A living culture dating back thousands of years which is used to culture dairy (or soy) products creating a yoghurt like substance. This process has been shown to produce a product high in beneficial bacteria, lactic acid, enzymes & B Vitamins. Once the milk has been cultured, the kefir grains are removed & the process repeated; kefir grains will slowly multiply & will last for many years if cared for.

How do I make Kefir? Simply add kefir granules (pictured) to 1-2 cups warm milk. Place in a warm, dark place & leave for 24 hours. Strain milk. Keep kefir grains to reuse again & again.

KOMBUCHA:  Kombucha tea is a pleasant, fermented tea drink containing various living yeasts & bacteria. It is made using a Kombucha Culture, also known as ‘Mother’ or ‘SCOBY’ (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria & Yeast’). The Kombucha Culture resembles a large pancake & varies in thickness depending on the acidity of the tea medium & the length of time the culture has been left to ferment.

Kombucha may be drank like any beverage on its own served with or without ice. The Kombucha Culture may also be used dried as a substitute for leather.

How do I make Kombucha? Simply bring to boil 1 litre water & add 2/3 cup sugar. Simmer for 5 minutes. Add 4 Green Tea (or regular Black Tea) teabags, turn off heat & allow to cool. Add liquid to glass jar, place kombucha culture on top, cover with cloth & allow to sit in warm place for 4-7 days. Keep kombucha culture to reuse again & again.

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