Angular Selective Skylight

Angular Selective Skylight

Skyglazing benefits: Natural lighting in early morning, late afternoon and winter when the sun angle is low. produce less heat in the middle of the day in summer when the sun angle is high.

How it works: Laser cut panel have hundreds of tiny mirrors that powerfully redirect sunlight. A pyramid of four laser cut panels is installed inside the clear dome of a conventional pyramid skylight to produce an angular selective skylight. The result on sunlight is shown below:

A is a conventional skylight. It has a clear dome (green) in the roof and a diffuser panel (light blue) at the ceiling level. Low angle sunlight does not go through down to the ceiling diffuser and natural lighting is poor.

B is an angular selective Skyglazing skylight. Now, the laser cut panels onto the diffuser providing natural light to the room redirects much of the low angle sunlight.

C shows how a conventional skylight can disclose too much sunlight in the middle of the day in summer, which may overheat your room.

D shows how the room should be kept cooler in summer by the angular selective skylight rejects the high angle summer sun.


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