Anro Floorcare

Anro Floorcare

Anro Floorcare Pty Ltd use a wide range of natural plant based oils and stains. We provide an option to the use of conservative chemical applications. We suggest and use Livos* oils, which are long-lasting timber preserving oils based on cold pressed Linseed Oil (organically sourced), with lead free hardener.

These oils are:

- Free of synthetic chemicals

- Environmentally safe

- Plant based

- Non-toxic

- V.O.C. (Volatile Organic compounds) low or free

- Low allergenic/allergenic free

- Safe for children

- Biodegradable

- All ingredients are listed for customer information

- Technical data sheets available

- The gentle smell that is related with plant-based products will help in creating an environment without toxic fumes. Moving out is not required whilst floor is being treated with Livos oils.

*Livos is a German product that has been on the European market for 30 years and on the Australian market for 18 years. It is also widely used in the USA.

Anro Floorcare Pty Ltd Floor Care Benefits:-

-These natural resin, non-toxic, biodegradable oil finishes provide a shielding surface that is elastic, breathable and wood enhancing.

-Better healthy living environment and peace of mind

-When floor is treated it is not required to move out, as the plant-based oils contain no synthetic chemicals. Floors treated with the non-toxic plant based oils offer a large rate of sensitivity for young children and the allergy prone in your family.

-There are highest asthma and allergy rates in all arround the world and Anro provide an alternative, safe options to get rid of the detrimental effects of toxic solvents in our home and environment.

- Natural finish
The flooring oils used impregnate the wood, rather than making a film on top of the flooring. This way, direct contact with the timber surface is retained. Oils will not cause large gaps or cracks.

- Enhance wood character
The non-toxic plant based oils create a subtle matt to satin finish. This increases and intensifies the grain and color of the timber being used.

- Easy maintenance
Small scratches and scuffmarks are more easily detect and easily repaired. Floors oiled by Anro will last a lifetime with simple care.

- Smells pleasant
Because it does not have any toxic fumes, so there is no need to move out of your home when treating floors and furniture.

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