Appointment Book

 The GPM appointment book makes managing your appointments as easy and flexible as possible.

An intuitive layout and navigation allow you to simply point and click to create, amend, move, copy or delete appointments. In addition a web version of the appointment book allows you to view and make bookings on any smart phone when you are out of the office.

Other features include

* Efficiently manage clinicians working hours: Easily set up your clinicians normal working schedule, leave periods and staff meetings.

* Multi-site configuration: Configure Clinicans to work across at mulitple Sites, maintaining a single consolodated view for each Clinician's availability

* Task Manager: Using the in-built Task Manager, practices can easily assign tasks and actions to the appointment book or clinical notes, saving on time and creating more efficient patient follow up.

* Waiting Room: Track a patient from the time they arrive in the practice, until they leave, and share this information in real time across your practice.

Cancellation and No Show Management: Monitor No Shows and cancellations, and link the information to patients’ files.

SMS reminders: Bulk sending to clients sms reminders of appointments.


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