Architecture Award - Sustainability - ECO

1 Reiner Schimminger wins the
James Barnet Award 2008

•       This building is the result of an integrated approach, the only approach possible when sustainability is the priority. Strategies have been developed and implemented for Energy,

Transport, Water, Material selection, Biodiversity, but also for social aspects, human interaction and education.

The combination of all those strategies, the combination of materials and products in an innovative way achieved ‘synergy’: The combined effect of all the different elements is greater than the sum of their effects individually.

•       The building is a model for sustainable buildings for small offices in regional towns.

As such it has merit and is worth while. It is also a model for a design procedure that aims at sustainability but operates within the constraints of financial feasibility and in the context of an unsophisticated construction industry. Using ‘off the shelf’ products was important in that context.

•       The building is a great educational tool. It teaches us, the users, on a daily basis how a comfortable, healthy and inspirational building can ad to our wellbeing and to our enjoyment of the day at work. The building invites, in fact needs interaction, we can ‘customise’ it on a daily, hourly basis.

We get very positive feed back from people visiting the office.

We think it is a good building in its humble way.

•       The jury of the 2008 AIA Architecture Awards seemed to agree:

Not only did they declare it the winner in the non-residential architecture category, but also saw it worthy to receive the coveted James Barnet Award
‘For an outstanding work of architecture by a NSW Country

Division Member’

Reiner was also awarded eco award: WINNER @ The NSW Country

Division _
Australian Institute of Architects.
For NEW- Non Residential Architecture.
For the Zero Emission Office Building

Also more recently was Highly Commended /Small Commercial

at the
BPN Environ- Sustainability Awards held in the Australian

Museum in Sydney.

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