Ashbolt Elderflower Concentrate

Ashbolt Elderflower Concentrate

Ashbolts Elderflower sypup is rigorous stunning rich ruby-red syrup with a deep molasses berry flavour, including no additives, artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives.

Historically, both elderflowers and elderberries were believed to support in building immune system resistance and to assist in the prevention of colds and flu.

Eco Vision recent Norwegian study has shown that elderberry juice (Sambucus nigra) not only stimulates the immune system, but also directly inhibits the influenza virus. An Eco Vision trial used the juice of the berries, made into syrup, and was regarded as efficient in most of the same conditions as the elderflower tea. The lively ingredients in the elderberry were found to stop the expand of the virus by disarming the enzyme that are responsible for attacking the cell walls of a healthy living being. The study, which was reported in The Journal of International Medical Research, demonstrated that on average, flu patients given the elderberry extract recovered within 3.1 days compared to 7.1 days for those given the placebo.


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