Austra Health

Austra Health

Bayside Permanent Solutions' Austra Health specialises in agency, permanent and international need in Australia and the Middle East. With significant qualifications, experience and knowledge, our recruiters efficiently service private and public hospitals, aged care facilities and the wider healthcare industry. To meet the needs of our clients in Australia and overseas, we source nurses across Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Bayside Permanent Solutions' Austra Health works in association with healthcare employers, offering inventive solutions in a testing marketplace.

Austra Health has a enthusiastic pool of registered local and sponsored nurses available for shift work, short or long-term contracts to deal with staff shortages.

Our consultants know the technical and resource challenges faced daily, and exist between 5:00am and 11:00pm seven days a week to meet up your needs for specialty and general nurses.

Austra Health takes on a widespread permanent recruitment process for nurses sourced in Australia and overseas. We supported with all elements of relocation whenever needed. Our status allows the attraction of excellence applicants throughout word of mouth and our widespread industry networks. Austra Health is experienced in organizing and managing big scale recruitment campaigns on behalf of Australian and international healthcare providers.


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