Australian Native Plant Guide

Australian Native Plant Guide

The Eco Voice - Full Colour with luminous images.

The Eco Voice is a precious resource and companion (friend) for the Australian nature lover, farmer and gardener.

It is created to provide the reader a deep enjoyment of the beauty and usefulness of native Australian flora, and a clear perceptive of accurately how to go about eco farming, caring for and maintaining these plants to guarantee of long-time survival.

To let your plant thrive just follow the easy steps.

This book is not only an instructive guide but also a superb symbol of the full beauty of the Australian landscape and environment that, given the opportunity, lies in every Australian garden, farm and ahead.

RRP $29.95ea - Buy now and you can get a free seed pack.

Includes postage and handling. Delivery Australia-wide.

GST included.

If you want to help in reduce carbon emissions you can help easily by planting native Australian plants.

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