Avk Universal Colar (Saddles)

Avk Universal Colar (Saddles)

AVK Australia provide leak repair clamp all over the world. The clamps are designed for a working water pressure of 16 bar maximum and a working gas pressure of 7 bars maximum.

AVK Australia's universal colar (Saddles) has the followings Materials:

- Plain halves Ductile iron, GGG-40, to DIN 1693 (BS 2789 grade 420-12)

- Coating Electrostatically applied epoxy resin to WIS-4-52-01 - inside and on the outside

 - Domed head Grade 8.8, zinc coated and square neck bolts passivated

- Domed head Plastic Nuts Hexagon, grade 8.8, zinc plated and passivated

- Washers Zinc plated and passivated


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