Bond back cleaning means bond guaranteed cleaning, no matter what the condition of the house is. Every real estate agents and landlord ask for 100% bond back guaranteed so they ask for professional cleaning when you leave your house. Once you vacate it you have to clean it properly and give 100% bond back cleaning. Most of the companies give fake promise and once they will reach the property, they will give some excuses that “we can’t do it”, “it is bit messy”, “it will charge extra”. By doing this, they grab extra money from customers and in our company, you will never ever face this issue. We will stick on the price, no matter what the condition is. Most of the companies will offer you 24 to 48 hours bond back guaranteed, however, we will provide you 7 days bond back guaranteed. If your real estate agent is not happy with cleaning, then we will come back and clean it for you without any questions.


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