Baby's Body Oil 100ml (certified organic)

Garden of Light choose to only use certified organic cold - pressed plant oils and a whisper of the most gentle of essential oils found to be most supportive for baby’s skin.
Baby’s body oil brings together - blue chamomile essential oil to calm, a hint of vanilla to warm and soothe. Rich olive oil deeply nourishes and balances, and jojoba oil (a plant wax) works to hydrate, protect and nourish baby’s body.

Certified organic and hand-blended with great care and love from ingredients grown in Australia.

100% certified organic Ingredients: Jojoba oil* (simmondsia chinensis), cold pressed virgin olive oil* (olea europaea), chamomile german blue* 3% in Jojoba Oil* (matricaria chamomilla), lavender oil* (lavandula angustifolia), vanilla oleoresin oil* (vanilla plantifolia), vitamin E natural (D-a-tocopherol). Certified organic ingredients.

Note: we avoid nut oils in the baby range, as some believe they are not supportive of young skin.

To use: Apply to hands and rub together to warm before gently massaging your baby from top to toe with great care and loving attention… allowing baby to trust in the process of being alive, to trust the process of living, and receive your love.

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