Bambo Nature Mini

Gecoz Products has a premium disposable nappy which is disposable, but has a environment friendly manufacturing process. These are 100% biodegradable and 100% effective. There is a more to be said about these good quality nappies, from their ethical and environmental design to their excellent performance. You will be pleased. The process of manufacturing is very eco friendly, planting more trees than the trees that are cut down from controlled scandanavian forest. State of the art techniques are used to save and recycle raw materials everywhere possible, and the manufacturer reuses all production waste. These nappies contain NO PVC, perfumes, moisturising lotions, optical brighteners or chlorine, reducing the probability of having an allergic reaction or rashes to your babies from its use. Wonderful!

Gecoz Products Bamboo Nature Mini has superabsorber that is made from 100% completely biodegradable wheat starch. So while your baby is happy and dry, you can be pleased that Bambo Nature nappies have been made with the environment in mind.


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