Basic Explanation of how Solar Hot Water Systems work

Basic Explanation of how Solar Hot Water Systems work

At Simply Solar, we are passionate about solar hot water system because we know the great benefits that it brings to our environment and how much it can save on our power bills.

Solar hot water is actually quite a basic and simple system. Just imagine your your garden hose lying on your lawn on a hot day. When you start releasing water from that hose, even though it is connected to a cold water supply, heated water will come out of it. That's because the water that has been inside the hose has been heated by the sun.  

This is basically how a solar hot water system works. Of course, it is a bit more sophisticated than the heated garden hose, but the principles are similar. 

The sun will the panels and that heat will be transferred to the copper pipes within the panel to heat up the water. The heated water will be transfer back into the tank where it will stay heated. 

Generally, if the water needs heating up again, it will be transferred back to the panels to receive the heating.

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